Monday, October 14, 2013

Random Stuff

Oops! I started this post weeks ago and then forgot about it. Anyhoo, here you go....
I recently stumbled across a few interesting things related to some of my found treasures. 
First, the American Girl catalog. I'm not sure why the catalogs come to me, but when they do, I always trash them right away so my girls don't see them and beg me for one! Well don't I find myself perusing through it first this time and I stumbled across this page:



1. My girls could have a vintage-style green metal bed for their dolls to match the ones I just painted for their room??!! How completely stink'n adorable is that???  I've never been tempted to buy from American Girl till now. And the fact that this doll bed folds out to a trundle to hold two dolls... Two for price of one = even more tempting.

2. Yeah. About that price. The bed and quilt together go for NINETY FIVE DOLLARS!!!! Come again? My two real twin frames - the ones actual people can actually sleep on for real - cost me a total of $5 and the paint cost maybe another $20 max.

The second thing I stumbled across not too long ago was this picture here at one of my favorite blogs, Flower Patch Farm Girl.

She's writes about all sorts of stuff, with a little treasure hunting and home décor thrown in here and there. I like her because her writing is so poetic, thoughtful, meaningful, fun, just gotta read her. But back to this picture from her friend's bathroom redo. Of course I loved it because of the use of vintage silhouettes, but that round frame in the top left corner of her photo looks awfully familiar, don't you think?

And finally, the third stumble-upon I wanted to share. Last Christmas I got my girls this quasi-coloring book called Beautiful Doodles. Each page is a started picture with an idea of how you can finish it. My girls often beg me to color with them and so I gave in. As I perused through the pages that were left I stumbled across one of a bunch of blank frames hung on a wall. I could fill each in with whatever I wanted. At the time I had just finished working on a bunch of small projects for their bedroom walls.  Here's my masterpiece:

If you missed why this picture is relevant, you'll have to read here, here, here, here and here. I haven't even finished cleaning wallpaper glue off my girls' walls yet, never mind repaint the walls, hang everything on their walls, and at least have a few wall shots to show you. Coloring this picture gave me a little sense of accomplishment. Some day, their walls might look something along those lines.

In my defense, I have been busy in my garage painting furniture like a crazy woman. This hutch and this table and a bunch of free chairs I haven't even told you about yet are all in some stage of sanding, stripping, staining, priming, or painting. Here's a sneak peak on stage one of hutch painting.


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