Friday, August 2, 2013

Updating Yard Sale Silhouettes

Back in the Spring, I picked up this pair of round, chunky framed vintage silhouettes at a yard sale for $5.

My plan was to use them in my girls' room. I've been trying to find several things in pairs to create small, complementary displays over each girls' bed. I knew I'd paint these frames and I do love vintage silhouettes but wasn't sure if I'd replace them with something else. (Like doodle stitching, my new dream hobby!! As. If. I. Have. Time.)

Either way, I knew I'd use them to compliment their rug, which so happens to be black...because its the room my hubby grew up in, and back in the day his parents let him choose black. We're not spending money replacing carpets now so I'm choosing to embrace the black rug and work with it. It's actually turned into a fun challenge!

For now, I've opted to keep the vintage silhouette prints - both for vintage charm and because I don't have anything else ready to go.  I simply painted the frames a bright pink to match the new room colors.


Not a bad custom match paint job, eh? The ladies at the local paint shop rock my world. I was going to paint the hooks...handles....whatever they, but my eldest said no, keep'm gold.

Now my girls get to fight over who gets the picture with the girl that has the fancy hat and parasol hung on their side of the room.

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