Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Something Painted, Something New

First - something painted.

To be honest, this will be more like a sneak peak at something I started painting. I shared here a while back some of my inspirations for decorating the bedroom that my two oldest girls share. It's been SLOW progress.

As of last week, all I'd managed to do was take down half a wallpaper border and fiddle with rearranging some furniture.

So I officially declared this past weekend project weekend. I dragged all three girls to the local hardware store for paint last week and together we picked out all the colors we'd need for their bedroom projects. I'm beyond happy that they are excited about my design plan. I was afraid they'd think there wasn't enough pink but that wasn't the case.

My goal for the weekend was to paint our matching rod iron headboards. One of them I picked up at a yard sale for $5 several years ago and the other one I picked up off a curb several months ago.

They so happen to be practically identical, rust and all. But I see beyond the rust to the potential.

First I brushed off any rust and scrubbed them down. Then I covered them with this spray primer that converts rusty metal to a paintable surface, preventing future rust.

That resulted in a matte black finish. Then I started painting them in Benjamin Moore's Vine Green, high gloss. I love that any paint can be put in a spray can. Only I should have had more than one can filled to get further along. Oh well.  So here's the sneak peak....(or a sneak peak again, if you're friends with me personally on Facebook). What you see is about all I got done so far.

I LLLOOOVVE the color. I can't wait to finish them up this week. I'm still iffy on whether or not we'll use the footboards too. More on that another time.

Second - something new.

Unless you're new here you know I'm not a big fan of buying things new. I don't really do retail therapy unless, after patiently waiting and looking, I can't find something second hand. Or, if it doesn't exist second hand. Or, if its something I'd never buy second hand (like pillows or mattress pads). I'd place myself at a yard sale or in a thrift shop over a HomeGoods any day.

But thank God for friends like Kelley and Becky that DO shop HomeGoods and spot toss pillows in one of "my" fabrics that I'm planning on decorating my girls' room with and alert me with text pics to confirm.

I was so surprised and psyched. First, if trendy retail stores are now selling pillows made out of the Waverly fabric I Pinned from the Joanne Fabrics website 6 months ago I must be on to something - right? Second, if I can buy the pillows then I don't have to make them. Because at the rate I'm going this room will be done by the time my oldest graduates.

Well, I didn't get the text until after they left the store so it was up to me to go out and snag them. The first HomeGoods store I marched into a few days later didn't carry them at all and I got worried. Thankfully the second and third stores I tried did. Score!

Turns out the pillow fabric is a mock of the Waverly fabric I'm waiting to go back on sale for 60% off at Joanns.com. The colors are the same but the pillow fabric is washable and the long, rectangular pillows I ended up choosing have zip enclosures for easy cleaning. Win-win. I guess buying something new isn't so bad after all.

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