Thursday, August 22, 2013

2 Lovely Ladies Get the Black Spraypaint Treatment

Last year I got these two matching prints at a yard sale for a quarter each. Yup. $0.25.

Wait, wait. Don't judge.

Yes, the yellow plastic frames are horrid. But I totally fell in love with the girls and their baskets and pots of flowers and the wicker stool and their embroidered and lace aprons and the checkered skirt and their blouses and their rosy cheeks. I want to be them. I knew from the moment I picked them up that I would somehow make these work in my house somewhere. Lucky for me my girls think these pictures are just adorable as well.

And well, well! Just look at that. Wouldn't you know it - they happen to coordinate oh so nicely with the fabric for my girls bedroom makeover!


Seriously, the color scheme is practically a complete match. Meant to be.


...those frames. They unique, that's for sure.

I opted for black spray paint since I'm trying to infuse a lot of black into the room to make their black rug work.

Final result:

Better, right? I can handle the frames now. Whatever it takes to get those lovely ladies on the wall.


puzfam02 said...


Christine McCabe said...

Awesome! Those are really cute! Can't wait to see the whole room come together!

Hailey said...

Thank you! I finally cranked out a bunch of stuff the last few weeks but still lots to go. I feel like it'll be forever before this whole vision becomes a reality.

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