Saturday, September 7, 2013

A Pink AWANA Shelf

Here's a before and after where I forgot to take the before shot. Got all gung-ho on a project marathon and...oops!

Picture this shelf in off-white - the color it was when it hung in the girls' bedroom before we moved. Of course it was originally a yard sale find from God knows when.

All last year I kept thinking I could really use a shelf and hooks in the girls' new room to be designated for their AWANA stuff. A place to set their trophies and handbooks on. A place to hang their Book Awards, uniform vests, and bags from. Essentially, an AWANA central. (And for those who don't know, AWANA is a super-fun kids Bible club our church hosts on Wednesday evenings starting September 18. Registration is filling up fast!)

So I painted the white shelf the same custom mix pink I painted these framed silhouettes and this letter "K".  We're not ready to hang anything on the walls yet, so here's my oldest helping to model the shelf's potential once it is hung.

In the meantime I still need to figure out how to remove stubborn wallpaper glue from a border I took down over the summer so I can repaint the walls. Anyone got a tip for me? Hot water with dish soap did absolutely nothing.

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