Friday, September 6, 2013

A Few Sally's Finds

Once a week I can count on a couple hours of of "me" time but that includes my weekly grocery shopping. Wheeeee. My grandmother-in-law, aka "Gram" takes my girls at her house while I do my thing. Gram is the best for 1000 reasons and this is just one of them.

So once or twice a month I quickly pop into my local Salvation Army Thrift Store and do a little treasure hunting before I hit the market. Here are a few of my recent finds:

A Lucite letter "K," which so happens to be my oldest daughter's first initial. $.99 with a plan to paint it pink to match her room.

The card is for scale and I didn't clean off the price tag glue for the pic.

A $.99 dark green vase.

Again, card for scale.

Green vases, I will admit, are an addiction, hence this cabinet before we moved:

Truthfully, they do all get used, because I'm a firm believer that if you can't pick flowers, why grow them?

I picked up a brushed gold hanging mirror for $7.99. For now its hanging above the sink in the half-bath because I like this one better than the one that was left behind and this one still matches the brushed gold faucet.

So until I give that room a makeover, which isn't happening I the near future, the mirror is doing me a temporary favor on the cheap.

This next item I just adore. It's quirky and vintage and matches my girls' bedroom makeover. Isn't she cute?? $1.99

Love the green frame. (That's why I painted the girls' bed frames that color too.)

Finally, a cheesy little shelf. A faux wood and faux rod-iron plastic shelf. But for $0.99 I thought it had potential.
Nothing a coat of black spray paint all over can't fix. Plus, I think it might be the perfect perch for that now pink "K"!

And if that pink leopard print top looks familiar, its because we're one of those families that give homeschoolers a bad rap by hanging out in our pajamas all day every day, and these are her favorite pair.

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