Thursday, October 17, 2013

Should My Heart Pitter Patter for Old Suitcases?

I have such a weak spot for old suitcases. I love how they look all stacked up. I used to have a ton of them stacked on my front porch for years but they weren't in the best condition and one day I was just sick of them and put them all out by my curb. Except my green one; of course I kept the green one.

Since then, I've scooped up a few more here and there on the cheap at yard sales. A cousin recently let me pick through some of her late grandmother's things and I was able to rescue two more that fit perfectly with the three I already had.

And now there's this corner of my dining room that just makes my heart beat a little faster than normal:

Literally. I'm not kidding. What's wrong with me?

The same day I stacked up these suitcases like a kid in a candy store, I later stumbled across this infographic that The Nester shared:

Living With Less: America's Quest for Simplicity
Source: Living With Less: America's Quest for Simplicity

Ugh. So there's the internal battle of the treasure hunter. I like cool stuff, but I don't want to be a slave to it. Taking care of cool stuff is a grand waste of time (that's why mine is usually dusty!). My quality of life does not come (primarily) from my things.

And then there's the internal battle of the CHRISTIAN treasure hunter. I like things. I admit it. Sometimes they do become more important to me than they should. (Like, they probably shouldn't accelerate my heart rate?!) But in the end, people ARE more important to me than things. It's a mantra in our house.  And glorifying God is more important than glorifying my stuff or myself. I still give you permission to hold me accountable to that. And I thank you in advance.

P.S. Now. Please be honest and tell me if a purdy stack of old suitcases gets you excited too!

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