Wednesday, October 23, 2013

{Curb Alert!} Large Window Frame

A few weeks ago I FINALLY caught up on the phone with my long-distance BFF. We both swore we couldn't talk too late because we'd had several late nights. Yeah...5 hours later in the wee hours of the morning we finally said good night. I hit the sack. She proceeded to do laundry.

Anyhoo, during our conversation she mentioned that a friend had creatively decorated with old window frame and how she was hoping to find one too. Well don't you know it, the next day, as I'm pulling into our right-of-way, the first house has their trash out and this is just sitting there, waiting to get hauled to the dump:

I had to put a stop to that nonsense. So I put the car in park and threw that FREE treasure in! It's been long enough since I've picked up curbside goodies that the kids actually had to ask what I was doing again. When we pulled into the garage I took the window out, took a pic with my phone, and sent it in a text to my BFF: "You're going to hate me but look what I just found." I promised her that if she ever drives out to MA again, she can take it home with her. In the meantime, I'm "borrowing" it.

It actually doesn't have much character. Not like this pair of small door frames I scooped up for $5 at a yard sale several years back.

These two treasures have not yet been hung back up anywhere in the new house. But I did finally clean up my the newest curbside window the other day. For now its leaning on this beauty in the dining room. (Try to picture the walls in shades of warm gray - coming soon).  I threw up some bittersweet, one of my too many green vases, and a couple of pumpkins. I'm sorta partial to the little pumpkin my daughter painted and glittered (at homeschool co-op cuz I DON'T do glitter). Good for now. Beats the paperwork clutter that sat there previously.

Now that I'm looking at it, maybe I should just rest the two door frames here instead since they are more interesting.

So anyways, the next morning, as I was coming back down the driveway from bringing up my own trash, I decide to take a quick stroll into the woods to check out my father-in-law's junk graveyard.  I hadn't been to this treasure site in months. I knew he recently scrapped a bunch of metal so I was curious what was still left. Most of it is covered in leaves now, which kind of creeps me out because we've been surprise attacked by stinging insects in these woods this fall.  But upon a quick glance, I think there are actually several more windows just like the one I picked off the curb. So maybe plenty to share? Definitely plenty of these though. Oh, the possibilities....

I'm itching to do a focal wall like this in our half bath with the weathered wood.
And this is a pic I took last fall of a door from the boneyard that I thought had junking possibilities. I'm not sure what kind of shape its in a year later after the rough winter we had.

I wanted to pull it inside to safety then. But that was after we'd just moved in with my in-laws and I would have had the other three adults I was living with give me the evil eye and snide remarks if I brought one more item into any portion of the house, garage or basement - especially junk! So I figured I'd leave it be and hope for the best.

All along I've thought that, if it fit, it would make an adorable rustic door for my laundry room. Along these lines (pic links to source):

All I know is I'm not going back out into those woods again until bee/wasp/hornet/yellow jacket season is totally OVER!!

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