Thursday, August 28, 2014

In Defense of Beauty at Home

I like to play around with decorating my home - on the cheap.
before the walls went putty grey and the trim went creamy white

I like picking up beautiful (in the eye of the beholder) things second-hand

Or free.

I like to create new things out of old things.

I like to hoard vases and fill them with flowers from my garden. (We hoard books here too.)

But what does any of this really matter? In light of things like what ISIS is doing and all of the social injustice and suffering in the world, I often struggle with the relevance of my previously mentioned desires. Why do I care about what's on my mantle (and the fact that I still haven't painted it) when so many people's very lives are at stake?

The antlers weren't waiting for fall.

I love what Sally Clarkson posted here about the importance and relevance of beauty at home. It resonated with me. Take a read and tell me what you think!


Christine M said...

Sounds like our very recent conversation! Great food for thought!

Hailey said...

That's exactly what I thought when I first read Sally's article - our conversation. :)

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