Friday, September 5, 2014

Summer Catch Up Part 1

I'm pretty sure that I've only thrifted, flea-marketed, and antique malled a couple of times each this summer.

What has become of me??

But every few weekends I've managed to hit up at least a handful of yard sales or estate sales. Only once did I make a whole day of it with my bestie. So I'm just going to catch up on some of my favorite yard sale finds from this summer in doses.

Here goes...

My dear friend Naomi sold this at her mom's yard sale and I bought it. I need to preach this to myself often so its now sitting on a little easel (scored at a yard sale) in my dining room.

Speaking of Naomi, I scored her a couple of vintage typewriters for $5 each!!! (They go for $60+ in antique shops.)

She turns them into beautiful works of art like this necklace she made me. Which you can learn more about here.

Speaking of jewelry, I found these fun and funky vintage goodies in a pile of an old lady's jewelry rubble for pocket change. You know when you pick out your outfit to match an accessory, instead of the other way around? That's what I do with tropical bangle. Actually, it kind of goes with everything. No, really.

I don't find good Christian books at yard sales that often. As in, theologically sound and relevant. But I scored one day with these. I got them for my hubby because he has read some of Jay Adams' work before. I would like to read them as well because I would like to be a Nouthetic counselor.  What about Nouthetic counseling?

And speaking of books, I've been beefing up our collection of The Great Illustrated Classics for my girls.

This teal wooden box with the three basket drawers was only a few bucks and is perfect for organizing paperwork on our schoolroom shelves.

The encyclopedias came with the house, in case you were wondering.

This yellow wicker planter, which included a perfectly fit galvanized liner, set me back only a few bucks. I put it by my front door and filled it with pansies.

The pansies flourished happily for a few months but have completely croaked by now and will soon be replaced with fall goodies.

You can see what I paid for a perfectly white twin sheet set with eyelet trim. Anyone else a sucker for white eyelet? This doesn't match my older girls' room but my little missy will be moving into a big girl bed in a few months and so I'll incorporate these. (In the meantime I need to research how to upcycle a Jenny Lind crib.)

I'll end Part 1 of Summer Catch Up with another $1 Scrabble game. I think I can start spelling out full paragraphs with all the letters I've accumulated by now. I could have some good creative fun with that.

Summer Catch Up Part 2 coming at some point. Maybe.

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