Friday, August 22, 2014

$2 Antlers

Why yes, it has been 5 months since I've blogged. And it could be another 5 months before I do it again.  But that's okay. So many treasures and negative time. I think I've said that before. So if I do ever share any treasures here again its going to be oh so short and sweet.

I can never catch up on 5 months of treasure hunting but maybe I'll do a little. It hasn't been a crazy yard sale summer but I've gone enough to feed the need. And find some fun stuff.

When my BFF was visiting back in June, we yard saled for 6 straight hours. It was pure bliss. There was this one sale that had a small pair of real antlers for $5. I seriously debated with myself over them at the time. The only reason I was drawn to them is because antlers are all the decorating rage. A decorating rage I've revolted against like I did with chevron. You see how that turned out. Determined not to bring antlers, skulls or any taxidermy into my home, I made a rational decision and left the antlers.

Fast forward to mid August and I drive by the same location having a yard sale again. I stop again. And the same antlers are still there, this time marked $3. Now I'm a sucker. Between June and now I've actually gotten to the point that I've been sort of hoping to stumble across some antlers in the woods this year. Though I had completely forgotten about them, I was surprised and thrilled to see the antlers were still there.

Well, I'd just overheard the seller telling another shopper that he had literally no change left. And I only had twenties or two dollars. So I offered him my $2 and he accepted. Woo hoo! I imagine them as part of a fall mantle spread.

So this week I'm flipping through the latest Ballard Designs catalog, debating if I should finally get some bedding I've been considering for months and is now marked way down. Then something on another page jumps out at me.

OH, look here. Look what you can buy from Ballard.

FAUX antlers.

FOR $59!!!

I now love my $2 authentic antlers even more, including the few bits of fur still stuck to the ends. And of course my hubby is like, "Then sell yours for a profit!" But I'm keeping them. And maybe I'll show you them sitting on my mantle this fall with some other goodies.

I'm still hoping to find some antlers in the woods some day. That would be way cool.

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