Sunday, December 15, 2013

A Weary Frame Recycled

Several weeks ago I went to go drop off a bunch of stuff outside our local Salvation Army Thrift. I was all prepared to just drop off and not go in (which doesn't happen very often). And there, sitting out amongst other people's cast-offs, I spotted a gem. She had potential.

Normally, stuff sitting outside is OFF LIMITS to shoppers. Some of the stuff is eventually taken in to the local store for pricing and is put out for shoppers. But at the end of the day, a big truck from the Worcester store comes, loads up what is left outside and takes it all to the Worcester store for pricing. It could end up for sale in the Worcester store or sent to other stores low on inventory.

I didn't want this treasure to "get away" so I decided to try a bold move I'd tried (and succeeded at) once before. I picked it up, carried it inside, and asked someone in the back room to price it for me.  I'm sure its against policy. I don't recommend you try it. But I got a $4.99 sticker slapped on it. Maybe its because they know me. So I paid and went home with this gaudy, gold, framed mirror:

Don't mind the peak at my mantle. (One must be careful about where a mirror is staged for a photo.) ;)

My plan for this was to spray paint the frame white because I already had it on hand, maybe do a little dry-brush with a slightly darker neutral, and then paint the mirror with chalkboard paint. One thing I really liked about this piece is how turn-key it was. The backing, which included a sturdy hanger, easily unscrewed off.

(Please tell me I'm not the only one with Lindt truffle wrappers littered around the house this time of year.)
For the mirror, I sprayed on one coat of black enamel paint for good measure, just to make sure the chalkboard paint would stick to the glass. Then two coats of chalkboard paint brushed over that. For the frame, I sprayed white satin and then dry brushed with some random leftover beige I had. I didn't buy any new paint for this project.
I drew from a variety of online inspirations for a Christmas chalkboard message and design that would fit the size and shape of the frame. There's nothing originally creative about this project but it was cheap, quick, and easy. 
Now - keep it mind I haven't painted any of my home's off-white walls yet (and I am still only using existing nail holes), so the finished product sort of blends in to the wall, but here you have it:
I love this line from "O Holy Night." The world is so weary. Admit it, you're at least some degree of weary.  And ironically, we especially feel it during this time leading up to Christmas. But there is a source of joy available for weary people. Maybe you don't know. Maybe you just forgot. It's a personal relationship with Jesus, the Son of God - something he offers to all. That ability to rejoice is only found in faith and trust in Him and his Word. By experiencing his mercy and grace on a daily basis. In the hope of his promises kept and a future with Him. Jesus came to us to bring us peace. Emmanuel = God with us. That's why a weary world can rejoice. That's why I rejoice.
Feeling weary? Do you know of Jesus or do you know him? When we as sheep follow the Good Shepherd, he lays us down in green pastures. He leads us beside still waters. He restores our souls. We were weary, now we rejoice!


Anonymous said...

I love this. Great job! Your chalk board message and design fits the frame and the times.

Kari-Anne said...

I love it! You did an amazing job turning this old mirror into a lovely statement. Thanks for sharing it on Your Funky Junk. Now I've found Hailey's Treasures!

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