Thursday, December 19, 2013

Vintage Button Snowflake Ornaments

Last weekend one of my dear friends had a few of my friends and our girls over for breakfast, ornament crafting, and making molded chocolates. I left my ornament craft preparation till the last minute so I searched online for an idea using what I already had or could pull together easily. I came across the idea for button snowflake ornaments here.

It looks like they used coffee stirrers but I had a mother load of popsicle sticks on hand. They used new white and iridescent buttons but I had a huge bag full of old white buttons. I've picked up jars, bags, and cards of vintage buttons here and there over the years at yard sales, antique shops, and thrift shops. I'm now left with a big bag of "boring" black, white, and tan buttons that don't fit into my craft button organizer and aren't big enough or unique enough to make my button bracelets out of.

I knew my kids could easily pull off this craft. I treasure my buttons and love any excuse to craft with them. The bonus is I would actually want to hang these on my tree. 

We adults glue-gunned the sticks together (for the purpose of quick drying time) and handed them over for the kids to Elmer or glitter glue on the buttons. Turns out my kids much preferred the straight up glitter glue my friend brought. Buttons, shmuttons.

My middle girl did make one out of all buttons:

I'm also proud my of my 2-year old's first home-made ornament:

Guess I didn't need to hoard out all the best buttons first thing after all. (Did I do that?) It turns out the kids weren't exactly pining over any buttons at all.

So here are some of of my button snowflake ornaments:

Do you share my button love yet? 

Buttons are beautiful.

Unlike our fake, table-top tree with built-in colored lights.

More on that to come.

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