Saturday, December 21, 2013

A Proper Christmas Tree

It's only been a few years now - only since the kids were old enough to notice - that I even put up our first Christmas tree. And never more than a small table-top type. This year, like last, I took my in-laws' little, fake, pre-lit, colored-lights tree out of the basement  (= free). I popped it up on an end table - because I never stuffed it back in the box last year - and I threw on my tree skirt ( = easy).  It took me 3 minutes ( = quick). No fighting with the hubby ( = peaceful). No needles to vacuum up ( = clean). I lit an evergreen candle ( = smells great). I got over the colored lights in a matter of minutes. I'm still getting over the colored lights.

It's just big enough to fit our daily Advent Jesse Tree ornaments, our growing collection of other home-made ornaments (including my new favorite button snowflakes), and a few select others. What more could we need??


You say Charlie Brown's Christmas tree never looked so good? :)

So, the other day we're sitting at the kitchen table for breakfast and my oldest daughter blurts out - "Mom. When are we going to get a proper Christmas tree?"

"What do you mean?" (As if I didn't know.)

"You know, a bigger one. So we can put all our presents under it. And fit all our ornaments on it. Like everyone else has!"

It was a perfect lead in to talk about why:

1. We don't need a Christmas tree in the first place. Especially if the presents under it and ornaments on it are a distraction from the reason we celebrate.

2. The Christmas tree is a great symbol of so many aspects of the Gospel (the good news about Jesus).

I recommend this great, short article on the Christmas Tree and the Gospel. Its easy to share with young kids too.

P.S. For the record, I could decorate a mean Christmas tree. If I wanted to.

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