Sunday, April 21, 2013

Vintage Garden Bed {Curb Alert!}

Friday afternoon I was driving up my street when I saw some curbside treasure. OOoooh. I wanted it. I took it.

Obviously I was exited by the free stuff but my oldest daughter was more excited about the "free" sign. She has been playing a road-sign Bingo game in the car for a while now, and one of the last things she's been on the lookout for is a "Free" sign. So she was thrilled to finally cover up that space and get another Bingo.

This isn't the first {Curb Alert!} bed frame I've picked up. I've got the twin canopy bed frame, which still needs painting. I've been thinking of using the fabric in this post to make long privacy panels to hang from the canopy. And then there's the antique wood headboard and footboard which may be put to any number of uses.

This "new to me" vintage twin metal bed frame is identical to another one I'd picked up at a yard sale for $5 before I found the other roadside freebies. I'm debating whether or not to paint them both to match and use them in my daughters' shared bedroom, sort of like these:

Otherwise, my metal bed frames will both be great for putting at the opposite end of raised garden beds to support climbers like cucumbers and melons and beans and squash. I love the way these frames look in gardens:

What's your vote - matching bed frames or garden beds?


Lisa Scholl said...

I almost picked that up on my way home from my sisters house!! LOL I thought it was really cool too but I had a van full of kids so there was no room!! Glad someone I knew got it :D

Hailey said...

Ha! My MIL said she saw it too. I'm psyched to have the matching pair. Thanks for having no room!

megan said...

Paint them for the girl's beds

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