Monday, April 22, 2013

A Summer Icon

In my last write-up summarizing the loot from my first official yard sale of the 2013 season, I left you hanging. There was one more item that I wasn't ready to disclose because I hadn't taken pictures yet. It was something I had been ready to scoop up at a yard sale last year until I realized it was already reserved by another shopper. (Hate that.) The one I did snag a few weekends ago (love that) had clearly been loved on a lot. But that's okay. I hope we do too. The kids and I again indulged in this vintage summer icon late this blistery afternoon as the temps plummeted into the 40s. And this time I remembered my camera.

Do these spark memories of summers gone by or what? Oh summer, come quickly.

HONESTLY now, how many pics in till you recognized what it was? :)

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