Sunday, January 5, 2014

Travel Scrabble "Art"

In my last post I shared a few goodies I'd recently scooped up from my favorite antique shop. One of these goodies was a 1960s travel Scrabble game.

As soon as I got home with it, I opened it up on the counter and you would have thought I poured out a gallon of chocolates the way my family flocks to Scrabble. I already knew I wanted to create a cross word of sorts and hang it on the wall. That was my vision as I was driving away from Bernat's without it the first time. So I started playing around with some family words and got distracted with something else - probably kids. I came back later to discover my hubby's joke work while I was gone.

As I'm typing this I can hear my husband in the background reprimanding my oldest daughter, "Is your goal in life to smite all of your sister's joy?" We had laughed the other night that some times these words ring a little too true!

After removing his handiwork, I got pretty far with the words I wanted and then had random tiles left and got stuck. He pulled up some Scrabble app that feeds you word ideas with the tiles you have left. Nut'n good. But then he came in for the win all on his own. I already had God and Jesus in place and he turned my Treasures into Treasuring so he could use the "E" to make Pneuma. It's the Greek word for breath, also used for the Spirit of God. So then we had the complete Trinity included. Boo yeah.

The magnets on the back of the tiles aren't strong enough to hold them in place when upright, so with a little bit of reserve, I decided to glue them on. And slide a plate hanger on the back.

I glued the tiles on my rare vintage travel Scrabble game.

     {{tightness of chest}}

I made the right choice.

     {{deep breath}}


So it may be worth negative $ to anyone else. The price tag was $20 but its now worth a lot more than that to me.

And, along with the rusty "V", its part of my new gallery wall plan too. I love it when plan starts to comes together. And now that school starts back up again, who knows WHEN I'll finish it.

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