Sunday, January 19, 2014

Embracing Accusation

A few days I posted my intention to share a little bit more from my storehouse. The "only" (as if its not a big deal) treasure I wanted to share today is a song I just can't stop looping over and over lately. Usually, when I'm in the car, I let my kids decide what we listen to, but sometimes I do get selfish, pick what I want, and tell them too bad if they don't like it. That's been the case with my current favorite song - "Embracing Accusation" by Shane & Shane.

If you're wondering why the thumbnail is a mug shot of a guy in a suit, this YouTube version of the song has a short mashup toward the end with John Piper.

PLEASE WATCH/LISTEN! I hope you appreciate it the way I do.

That truth just never. gets. old.

Now, I got a little bonus for you. No extra charge. One more from Shane & Shane. If I'm not looping "Embracing Accusation" its because I'm stuck back on "Burn Us Up." I've at least got my oldest daughter on my side when it comes to this one.

 Sorry the videos (if you want to call them that) are lame but I like the songs.

What song / artist has been blessing your socks off lately?

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