Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Will Work for Junk

My friend Lori is one who's faith has been tested and tried for as long as I've known her. We're not supposed to add to or take away from Scripture, but if I were to rewrite Hebrews chapter 11 (often referred to as the Faith Hall of Fame), I might add her name to the end.

Just when we all thought things were finally settling down in her neck of the woods - BAM! Within the past two weeks she and her husband came to learn of the uncertainty of his current job in the near future. That was immediately followed by God leading them to put their house on the market ASAP and to temporarily move to an empty family-owned house less than an hour away while they wait for God to lead and guide them to a permanent resting place. Where will he work? Where will they live? Not sure! God told Abraham the same thing - "Go to the land I will show you." Start moving before you know your destination?? That takes huge faith!!

I joined with friends and family last weekend to help Lori begin packing and moving. I fully expected to be packing up the likes of kitchen cabinets and toys and maybe doing a little painting and cleaning. Little did I know there were some treasures to be found in her early 1900s home!

Lori knows me well enough to invite me to look through her "bound for Salvation Army" pile before we began our work. One item in particular, that she had a feeling I might like, is something I've always admired in her house. This antique clip board:

It's so cool! I'm honored to have it next. I always remember her having something important clipped inside, propped up for display. I'd like to do the same. I'm just not sure yet what it will hold first or where to prop or hang it. Quite possibly, it will become part of a new gallery wall I've started curating for.

So back to moving day #1. It turns out the first order of business was to haul a pile of old mattresses and furniture trash off the neighbor's property to a dumpster because the neighbors wouldn't do anything with the eyesore. (Neighbor's junk pile next to property line = not good selling feature=worth paying for a dumpster to hall neighbors trash away.)

The furniture clearly had its glory days but literally fell apart in our arms from being exposed to the elements for so long. Made me want to cry. But I managed to salvage one drawer front for the two antique drawer pulls that I can reuse on something else. The rest of the hardware was completely rusted but these should polish up nice with a little brass cleaner. And if not they can be painted.

Next on the agenda was cleaning out a pile of wood scraps from their dirt basement. Most of it wasn't anything I'd be interested in, but I did salvage one small piece of slightly weathered bead board. My friend Sarah, who also happens to be my kids' art teacher, has this totally amazing creation in her studio that combines old wood, slate and old frames with her photos. I gotta take a picture of it to share with you all. But I'm obsessed with it and inspired to do something sort of similar. I'm thinking this piece of wood might become part of my creation-to-be.

Then came the surprise of all surprises. As I was heading into the basement, I saw a few people gathering up a couple of old doors. FuNKy old doors. One ended up being a little too beat-up for my liking, but the other one was PER. FECT.  Antique latches still in tact. A lovely original paint coat in a light teal green on one side (pink on the other) with just the right amount of chipping and patina. I'll have to carefully clean off a little dirt and seal it. It's got SOOOO much potential!

cracks add character

I haven't told you yet, but I've got some other A.MA.ZING old doors with my name on them. Well, I don't actually have them yet, but I've seen them and been promised them.  The post about that adventure is mostly written. Months ago.  I may never finish. (I told you so.)  I just gotta get the dang doors! It's a long story...

I have a dream. (By the way, did you watch Dr. King's speech on YouTube with your family on Monday? I sure hope so!!!)

Where was I?

Oh yes.

I have a dream. Of a few old doors lined up side by side serving as a one-of-a-kind headboard in my master bedroom. Hold on while I search online for an image that comes close to my vision.

Okay, here you go:
Focus on the doors, NOT the quilt!
(I try to be careful about linking pics to original sources, when available,
 because Pinterest is not usually an original source.
It's like saying you found your favorite quote "at the library.")

So I was already on cloud nine about the door and next thing I knew, Lori was getting ready to haul out a couple of galvanized tin buckets. Um... Hold up! I'll take one of those! It's now the biggest one in my collection.

I'd like to incorporate this into my garden this year. Maybe for herbs, like this?

Or annuals, like this:

Or succulents, like this. Mmmm...yes...I at least need to start "hens and chicks" plants at the house this spring.

Not bad for a days' work.

I was expecting to work for free. That's what friends do. Taking home junk was just the unexpected bonus.

Need help? I will work for junk treasures!

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Jewel C said...

What cool pictures and ideas! Nice post!

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