Thursday, January 2, 2014

Winter Porch

I love any excuse to go on a nature hunt. Decorating my front entry for winter is one of them.

During a mild afternoon in November, the girls and I wandered around our property gathering a variety of winter greens. This year they were actually excited to help me in this annual tradition - probably because I gave them liberty to use my clippers (that I nabbed at a yard sale a couple years ago).

I'd already scored winterberries off the side of the road on a few different occasions earlier in November.

I also had a collection of birch logs from a tree my father-in-law had to cut down when he was preparing to build their new house this past spring. At the time, I had asked him to save it for me. He even went as far as to ask what size logs I wanted him to cut it into. He's so good to me. The logs have been patiently waiting in the garage ever since.

Once I had all my natural treasures collected, I arranged them in some of my yard-saled galvanized buckets and a yard sale wooden toolbox on the front porch. I strung up the porch lights in and around them too. Then I gathered a few vintage sleds - one was my Nana's, one is technically my M-I-L's and a big one came from a recent family member's cleanout. The smaller sleds got a spray of wintergreens and berries, tied with a red and white gingham ribbon (yard saled eons ago). These lean between our garage doors.

The big one joins the rest of the stash on the front porch.

If only the chipping porch paint didn't distract. That's on the to-do list this spring. I just painted our previous home's porch floor last fall and I'm so not looking forward to doing another bigger one so soon. On a side note I did end up going Benjamin Moore Tropical Orange on my front door. Thanks for everyone's input, but mostly thanks to my friend Naomi who showed up at my house one day with a handful of paint chips and urged me to go bold. If not for that, the door would probably be on the "spring" list still too!

A little night-time Insta-sparkle:

My wreath is the same fake one that I added the craft shop sale birds to last year:

Last but not least, I also found this bird nest on the ground on our church property last month so I took it home without a plan. Now its perfect for the porch.

I filled it with a few small red and silver ornaments in lieu of eggs. Then they got a dusting of snow.

Speaking of snow, are you ready again? Got any projects lined up for another long weekend? I'm all stocked up on painter's tape, prepping for some inside paint jobs. And at dusk yesterday it suddenly hit me that I needed to go traipsing into the woods to my father-in-law's scrap yard to rescue a few things before they are covered in snow and frozen in for the winter. God forbid I get the urge to craft with them and they are unavailable till spring thaw!
There's a path into the junk grave yard that's big enough for vehicles so I drove in, unburied and lugged out a bunch of old pallets and windows, filled my van (thank God for rear view cameras so I could back my way out of the woods in the near-dark) and then unloaded it all into my garage. Just in time. And OH MY WORD IS IT COLD OUT!
So just think - "only" a little less than 3 months till spring! Happy New Year! Bring on the winter!

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