Tuesday, February 4, 2014

All Things Homeschool

If you don't know, I homeschool. This blog is not usually about that, but I wanted to put together this one post to serve as a treasure-source of resources for anyone who is either a major skeptic, just curious about it, considering it, planning to do it, or even has been doing it and could use some refocus.

Before my oldest was school age, I NEVER thought in a MILLION YEARS that I would EVER homeschool. And then as my hubby and I started to investigate our options, I felt like God was putting it on my heart to at least include homeschooling in that set of options to consider. I fought it. Ooooh, I fought it. I was secretly praying that I could quickly consider and dismiss it.  I did NOT want to be one of THOSE families. I had my established stereotypes and they weren't pretty.

Well, long story short. God called us to it. The more I hesitantly investigated about homeschooling, the more it resonated so deeply and my attitude slowly changed from "God, don't you dare!" to "Thank you, God, I can't wait!"

One of the morals of my story is that when God calls, he also equips. God may be calling you to homeschool and you just don't know it yet! If you're like I was and the thought of homeschooling  sends you running in the opposite direction with your hands over your ears, yelling, "la la la la la!" then please, keep reading. :) Or if it sounds intriguing but you don't think you can do it, keep reading.

Homeschooling isn't for the patient. Or the organized. Or the _____________ (you fill in the blank). What I've discovered is that through my homeschooling journey I've been forced to let God mold and shape me into the more patient, organized, and _______ person that he alone has the power to do. I've seen him use homeschooling as a means to shape my family's character.

So the list of resources I want to share includes web links and books I have found to be very inspiring and helpful for deciding to homeschool, how to get started, educational philosophies, curriculum choices, organization and goals, etc... This post is dedicated to web links and I am working on a separate post that lists books I've read that were helpful for all the same reasons. I will be adding these resources over time so bookmark this and check back often. If you have any links you would like me to add, please share them on my blog's Facebook page, email me or PM me and I will review them and consider.

Even if you are convinced that homeschooling is not for you, please just read a few links. I would at least like friends to see where I'm coming from.

I've summarized each article with a heading and included the entire link below it so that you can always see the full source of the link before you click. Have at it! I hope these resources become treasures for you.

How People Come to Homeschooling

Starting with the End in Mind:  How to choose educational philosophies and methods based on your God-glorifying goals for your family.

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