Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Will Work for Junk, Cont...

Last month I shared some treasures I scored the first day of helping my friend Lori in her moving process:

Well our last day of moving and cleaning resulted in her encouraging me to take a few more items home. Her basements has turned up the coolest stuff! (BTW, that usually proves true for estate sales too. I always hit up the garage and basement first.)

I was working on the main level when Lori called up from the basement - something about a box full old glass jars. After the beautiful bunch that my friend Heather literally dug out of her yard for me last spring, I'm not exactly wanting for any, but of course I had to go look. I was a good girl. I only took three. First, the giant blue Ball jar shown here (the small one I already had is only in the pic for scale).

By the way, have you seen this graphic floating around the web? (I cannot for the life of me find the original source.) You can date your jars based on the logo. That puts my little one at 1910-1923 and this big one at 1923-1933, if I'm not mistaken.
And I could not pass up this adorable pair of hobnail cups from Lori's box of glass jars. I'm not sure what their original purpose was. I'm assuming not shot glasses? :)  I opted for toothpick holders. Because, you know, I don't already have a white hobnail toothpick holder.

This little wooden box was sitting next to the boxes of jars so I just asked if I could have it. Knowing the mode Lori was in, it would have gotten tossed in the trash if I didn't claim it. 

Then I'd been eyeing this old broom brush hanging at the top of her cellar stairs.

On any other day I am not sure I would have paid much attention to it, but the weekend prior I'd seen an interesting display of exactly these inside the Cranston, RI Anthropologie store. I wish I'd take a picture when I was there but I didn't. I scoured the internet just in case there was an image of their arrangement "out there" but no luck. The closest thing I could find is this piece of art (that is protected from downloading so you'll have to click if you're curious).

I asked Lori about the brush the first day we were cleaning out and she urged me to take it but I didn't have any clue what to do with it so I let it be. But every time I'd pass it on the cellar stairs I became a little more enamored with it. Finally, on the last day, I told her I was going to take it after all.

I decided to find a home for the wooden box and broom brush in my laundry room, which I haven't really done anything with since we moved. It turns out the wooden box fits my open and spare box of dryer sheets perfectly.

On the shelf above my washer and dryer, I already had a little wash board, an old iron, and jars of clothespins and clothesline (all found at yard sales). My dryer sheets had been sitting right up there with them, but now they have a more fitting dispenser to hide them in. And I just hung the brush up on the wall right above it, keeping with a general housecleaning theme.

I appreciate unexpected treasure-finding opportunities like these to get me through until yard sale season starts again.

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