Thursday, April 19, 2012

Finding a Place for Everything

I usually try not to take home treasures unless I have a place or use in mind for them before I buy them. However, sometimes I come across things that I think are just too good to pass up and I know that eventually they'll settle in somewhere nicely. Here are some of the treasures I've come home with over the past month or so that have found their place.

The bird cage sits on a little end table in the corner of my dining room. The table was something I was able to take from my best friend's mom's house when they were cleaning out 4 generations worth of stuff to move almost seven years ago.

Inside the cage is a branch with four wooden birds wired on to it. This was something I'd been given by my boss when I was still working and first started introducing some birds into my living room decor. She'd had it in her house and passed it along. It's a little too primitive to match most of my decor so I could never find the right spot for it. But now it has finally found its place and fits perfectly propped inside the cage.

Previously on top of that corner table sat a basket  full of vintage tablecloths that I rarely if ever use anymore because of the kids and their almost daily guaranteed spills. Before kids I always had a tablecloth on the dining room table. I guess its time to tuck those away for a while, or until I come up with a better solution to display them. I have a very soft spot for vintage tablecloths, especially ones that are from the 1940s era and/or are embroidered:

I miss seeing you pretty ladies, spread out in all of your glory.

Maybe some day they will find their place in a cupboard or hutch (found at a yard sale, of course) like this:

Okay, so I don't have that many vintage linens, nor do I intend to acquire that many...although...if you add up all the aprons and tea towels to the tablecloths...still no.

Another thing I've always wanted to do but don't really have the space for right now is to display them by hanging them from an old ladder like these:

French Larkspur eclectic home office

The little old crayon crate and ironstone pitcher that I got a few weeks ago have found their home on the dining room table. The crate now corrals our vitamins, honey, salt & pepper, which were previously littered all over the table.

The pitcher corrals writing utensils (since this table also functions as a desk or work station most days).

The vintage soda crates are being used to hold shoes and boots by the front door for now.

Now for things that still have not found their place. This is a little glimpse of a corner on my porch which was still cluttered with treasures I found last summer. Well, that was until Marathon Monday, when I had my own porch-cleaning marathon and moved it all to the basement.

That marathon continues on the other side of the porch this coming weekend. Hopefully after some more treasure hunting.

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