Monday, April 30, 2012

{Curb Alert!} Free Bed Bugs

I told you I can't keep up finishing all the posts I've started. So here's a curb alert from last week. I was on my way home from grocery shopping Tuesday morning when I noticed a pile of potentially good stuff at the end of a driveway. I turned around because, well, its just not in me to pass up what could be. There were a few household items but mostly it was kid stuff. So I scooped up a few things.

First, a game of Bed Bugs.

As soon as the kids saw it they wanted to try it.  Of course it didn't work. So I put in new batteries and it still didn't work. It looked like all the wiring was in tact but I know nothing about electronics so I asked my father-in-law if he could swing by when he was out and about to take a look at it. Well he couldn't figure out why it wouldn't work either and we just assumed the moter was busted.

While the girls were chowing down on the M&Ms Poppy brought for them, I pulled out the motor to take a look at it (not that I had any idea what I was looking at or for) and put it back in. Still nothing, as expected. So we sadly gave up and put it on the table while we continued to visit with Poppy. Two minutes later the thing started buzzing all by itself - scared the heck out of us! Don't ask me how but it worked and the kids had fun fighting over playing with it.

As I recounted the story to my hubby that evening he responded, "So what you're telling me is that you called my dad over to check out your new vibrating bed?"  :-) Comments like that are why our friends got him a t-shirt for Christmas one year that read "Caution: Busy formulating a withering retort."

Another item I took off the curb was a colorful kids 35mm camera, of which I have no intention of actually putting film in, but it's way cooler than any of our other toy cameras. My three year old agrees.

The only other things worth taking were a few books. One I really like is a nice hardcover "coffee table" photo book of the state of Massachusetts. It includes beautiful scenic and historic landmarks from all seasons. It'll be nice to have on hand for our state geography and history lessons and for planning field trips.

This little alphabet coloring and tracing book and a Bible activity book had both never been used.

My three year old quickly christened the ABC book. She was about due for a new "my preschool workbook," which she loves to work on while her older sister is at the table working on Kindergarden stuff.

So my last curb alert was a bed. This time its Bed Bugs. Nothing crazy amazing this time around, but as my hubby would also say, "Better than a sharp stick in the eye."

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