Monday, April 16, 2012

{Curb Alert!} Canopy Bed

Yesterday evening we left my parents house after a nice afternoon of visiting with my aunt, uncle and cousin that we don't see very often. I had parked in front of my parents house, so instead of turning around to head home, I decided to just drive around the pond they live on and head home that way. Its a 3 minute "scenic" drive - why not? A few houses before we were done with the loop, I spotted a big pile of stuff at the end of a driveway so I stopped quick. Hubby confirmed a "FREE" sign on the ground outside his passenger window. I got out to take a look and there was a twin size four poster canopy bed.

I wanted it! We have no use for it right now since my oldest two have to share a room and use bunk beds, but eventually when the baby is in a big bed or if we move and they all get their own room, someone will be able to use it. The homeowner walked out and told me he had all the parts except for the actual cloth canopy and the metal frame that holds the mattress. Pshhh, no worries there. I'm sure I can find those metal frames somewhere and I would want to make my own custom canopy drapes anyways. I'm not a fan of this type of traditional canopy so I would have just tossed it even if they still had it.

If it weren't for the kids in the van I would have loaded the bed frame right in but I couldn't fit both. My dad was just around the corner with a pickup truck though so I put in the call. My wonderful dad said he'd come get it and bring it to my house. So I left hubby there to wait and help my dad and I drove off to get the kids home and in bed. My parents' neighborhood has been good to me.

Right now its on my porch (which I have been in the process of cleaning today) until I move it into storage somewhere else.

The painted flowers are not "me" and neither is the two-tone wood and paint.

But it has good bones. I like the shape of the posts.

My vision is to repaint the entire thing white and then make some draping curtains to hang from the canopy hardware.

I went searching online for a little inspiration, and to be honest, I didn't really see much out there that I loved. But I did find a few features I liked (pictures link to sources). Keep in mind its not the entire rooms or linens in these pictures that I like, per se, just the canopy panels or other features I specifically point out.

On this, I like the idea of a chandelier or other lighting fixture hung down into the middle.

On these next two, I just the idea of white sheers hung around the perimeter, although I think a thicker patterned fabric might be more fun and allow for a private little cubby if they are drawn shut.

Dangle white lights inside:

Tie tab tops with fabric or fun ribbon:

Not a fan of the gathered fabric abovethe rod but like the look of fuller panels:

White sheers underneath and a bolder fabric over it:

I've got a lot of time before I really need to give this serious thought. In the meantime I'm on the lookout for the metal frames. Unless you've got some you want to give me??? :)

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