Thursday, August 4, 2011

This week's scores

Well here it is Thursday and I've finally cataloged my treasures from this past Saturday's yard sale-ing. The girls and I had a lot of fun and we hit the jackpot at one sale in particular. Without further ado, here's what we scored:

$3 - Large, wide-framed mirror...reflecting the constant plight of my porch floor - KID CRAP

Everything else you see in that picture are yard sale treasures. I think this frame was my favorite score of the morning in terms of value. It's a very heavy, quality piece. It just needs a fresh coat of paint then I think I'm going to hang it in my bedroom, which is in serious need of a makeover.

10 cents - Green bud vase:

I have a strange obsession with green vases. So what if they take up a whole shelf in my kitchen cabinets? I really do use them all. I refuse to collect and hoard things that I won't actually use.


$1 - 2 vintage Audubon/bird watching books because, as shared in a previous post - I like bird stuff.

I bought the bird books knowing I'd add them to the display of old books on the "new" shelf in my family room. They fit in just perfect.

$10 - Disney Princess bike w/training wheels for my youngest:

She was showing it off to our neighbor as she expressed to him with glee - "I'm a BIG girl now!!" My response - "You'll really be a big girl when you stop wearing DIAPERS!!"

I paid $5 for a bag full of clothes for me & my oldest, including this fun hat and cute little Gap bag for me, modeled by my little angel.

I also stuffed into the $5 bag 3 pairs of brand-new size 0 skinny jeans with the intention to stuff myself  into them post-baby. AH HA HA HA HA!!! Who am I kidding?? Though I do have the best of intentions, I ended up giving them to my currently-size-negative-0-friend who stopped by my house the next day.

$1 - Bag full of streamers, blow favors and party napkins:

My oldest's birthday is in the winter but since we picked these up she's already started planning a pajama themed birthday party. I've lost track of how many times I've told her to leave that bag of decorations alone and to stop making goody bags!

$2.75 - 4 pairs of baby girl shoes:

$2.75 - 1 pkg of 4 toothbrushes and a bag of 75-count flossers:

My oldest requested we buy these because they collect them in Children's Church for an orphanage. I was so proud of her thinking like that! Then we confirmed Sunday morning that collection is over...guess we'll save them for Operation Shoebox this fall.

And speaking of toothbrushes...

$1 - Toothbrush holder for a family of 20. Kidding. Yellow vase with a stem holder cover. (I think there is an official name for that? Can I call that a frog??) Regardless, I love it. Here is the vase in my kitchen filled with hydrangeas from my yard... Cuz if you can't pick 'em, why grow 'em? 

When I asked how much for a couple pairs of these latex coated heavy duty work gloves, the seller said I could just have them. Sweet!

$2 for a couple pairs of new light-knit house slippers with embroidered and beaded flowers. How cute! Maybe I'll keep one and gift one.

$2 for 8 "classic" kids books. I love sharing books/stories that I read as a child with my kids, though these probably won't be age appropriate for a few more years.

Often times I'll be out on the hunt and I'll come across something that's just screaming someone else's name. This past weekend I came across a few decorative items that I just had to get for a friend of mine who has a great sense of style, loves to decorate, and is always so generous, thoughtful and giving. I hope she loves and can use these treasures I picked up for her.

$1 for 5 black & white mini shades:

$2 for 2 large light-blue bowls:

20 cents for 2 small vases from Pier 1, one of her favorite stores:

And finally, Monday morning was not complete without a roadside stop to dig through yard sale leftovers someone left on the curb. I wasn't out of my car 30 seconds before some guy with a truck pulled over to do the same thing! The only thing worth salvaging was a clear glass vase:

Later that day it was already filled with gladiolas from my garden. 

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