Saturday, August 27, 2011

If I had an iPod

I'm officially an old fogie because of how behind I am in technology. (There are other reasons but let's not get into those right now.) I don't own any electronic devices that start with a lower case "i". My phone is not smart. One of my laptops' battery doesn't work so it has to be plugged in and the other one's screen is dead so it has to be hooked up to a monitor. Stone ages, I know. And I still listen to my old CDs. No wait, I'm usually listening to my kids' CDs so I don't even really know any new music released in the last year - except for what I hear coming from Pandora on hubby's laptop. And I haven't bought myself any new music in years. Until yesterday.

I stopped in at MorningStar to pick up some books for a friend's birthday party gift and liked what I heard playing overhead in the store. So I bought it - Chelsea Moon with Uncle Daddy, album titled Hymn Project: Volume 1.

I love it. It's acoustic, folk (with a little bluegrass) renditions of some of my favorite old hymns. You know, the old treasures. They don't write'm like they used to. Yikes, I sound like one of the blue-haired ladies at church. Sorry, but no organ on this album.

You can listen to quite a few tracks on Chelsea Moon's myspace page. This is the only song from the album I could find on YouTube. It just happens to be the track that caught my attention in MorningStar and prompted me to buy the album:

So if I had an iPod, this is what would be playing on it right now.

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I always try to follow-back...thus the visit. But either it's missing or blogger is being funky on you because I can see the Followers label but there's nothing else there! Anyway...I LOVE your blog! And we're practically neighbors. We're close to the Newport-ish area.


Thanks for following me at my homeschoolin' blog. :)


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