Thursday, August 18, 2011

Anthropologie package

It's all in the details. Opening and unwrapping a package from Anthropologie is almost as much fun as shopping in the store. Well okay, not quite, but it's still an experience. I realized the other day I still had a small gift card left over from the holidays last year so I went online to find something that had been on my wish list for a while. The treasure I went searching for was the first of a few items I previously blogged about here. I didn't find the exact headband I originally liked but ordered a close second:

I love when I forget to expect a delivery and I open the front door or mailbox to find a surprise package. Just seeing this return label made me smile.

Lovingly hand wrapped in beautiful bird & branch tissue paper and sealed:

Even the packing slip/receipt is enclosed in a fun stitched up envelope:

So after carefully unwrapping and discovering my not-so-surprise treasure, I immediately tried on my headband. Yup, wearing it tomorrow.

Now I'm left with a cute little empty box and I'm inspired to put together a fun little surprise package for someone else. Friends, watch your mailboxes! :)

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