Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Coral Bells

I've been wanting coral bells for my garden ever since I inherited my Nana's china. I've waited patiently, hoping to snag some for free or super-cheap from someone else's garden. A couple weeks ago I gave up and gave in when I stopped at Hartford Farm Garden Center to buy some local honey...but not without taking a stroll around the perennials for sale. There, a coral bell (Heuchera, "Purple Palace" variety) called to me and I answered her...and took her (and her friend, Hellebore) home.

I still have to put these in the ground and I better do it soon before I can't bend over any more! At least these don't bloom till spring.

Eventually I'd like to get this variety of Coral Bells too. Its foliage color and flowers look more like the ones in my china pattern.
This is what hellebore blossoms look like. So beautiful!

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