Monday, August 15, 2011

Sweet Silhouettes

I was a little bummed that I didn't go yard saling this past weekend. It was a GORGEOUS morning for it too but I had work to prioritize instead. Being given a unique old treasure that I didn't have to hunt for almost made up for it. I love silhouette art. It has come back with such a vengeance that its almost too trendy right now. My favorites are silhouettes of children, I just think they are so sweet. My dear friend Naomi surprised me with with a vintage silhouette treasure she found in Maine for $2 recently. It is absolutely adorable!

It's 4 little kids checking out their stockings on Christmas morning. The frame is a little worn but I don't mind.

There is a wonderful Christmas poem on the back. My favorite lines:
"So, Father, grant that every year
The Sun of Righteousness more clear
To our awaiting hearts appear ;"
 Now I just need to figure out where I'm going to hang it. I'd like to incorporate it in a display with/near the silhouettes I have of my girls:

Pardon the poor photo quality. I already shared about how these came together in this previous post about wallpaper projects.
It hit me recently that besides needing an updated silhouette of my youngest (now that her profile actually looks like a girl), I'm going to have to add a silhouette of a third child eventually. But I don't have a third matching frame and I'm not so sure they'll all fit on this wall. So I may need to move the entire silhouette collection to new location if I'm going to keep them all together, which I definitely want to do. I'm okay if the third frame is not matchy-matchy, as long as its not too much smaller - gotta be fair. I'm confident I can figure out how to work in an odd-ball frame (that I should start keeping an eye out for) and include the Christmas silhouette print in the final display as well.

The only other silhouette art I have is this little plaque I picked up at a yard sale a few years back for a quarter:
I liked this because of how small it is, its painted one of my favorite vintage green colors on the outside edges, the and the price was right! It sits above our thermostat in the kitchen.
(Again, pardon the grainy photo. My camera is on its last leg.)

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