Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Vacation Treasures I

Last week, hubby and I ran away to Maine for a few days. When we were initially discussing what we wanted to do and where we wanted to go, I told hubby I didn't care where we ended up as long as I had an Adirondack or rocking chair to sit in with a view directly overlooking the ocean. With life as I know it soon to be over, I just wanted to park my butt, soak in the sea breeze, and relax. So after narrowing down some online searches, we ended up at this wonderful little place that a client of hubby's recommended - Grey Havens Inn on Georgetown Island, right outside of Bath, ME. (And now that we've been, I would recommend it in a heartbeat as well.)

This is a view of the Inn from the path down to their dock:

But it was this photo from their website of the view looking out that sold me in a heartbeat:

Hubby and I have managed to sneak off a few times this year (thanks to my AWESOME in-laws who take the kids) but this was to be our last hoorah before baby comes. We treasure our "just us" trips...so much so that this year was the first time ever we actually took the kids with us on a short family vacation too. But if we could only do one I think we'd both be tempted to just get away without the kids. Is that so wrong???

Shortly after we first arrived at the Inn, another guest came inside with a pair of binoculars announcing he spied an eagle in the trees across the way. It turns out that the window right at the end of the hall outside our room was the perfect vantage spot for viewing the eagle. So he had us take a look at this amazing creature that appeared to be staring right at us. I think that's the first time I've seen a eagle, or least in as long as I can remember (which isn't saying much these days).

The guy was pretty chatty and we quickly discovered what a small world it is - turns out he's a Christian, lives and attends church in Metrowest MA, and has lots of relatives (some we knew) that live in our town. He was also there on a short retreat with his wife, who happened to be napping while he was bird watching. One conversation led to another and he ended up talking about his experience leading support/care groups for divorced individuals. He said when he first saw us walking in to the Inn he thought "that's a smart young man there" - meaning that my hubby obviously felt it was important to get away with me. Then the man reminded us of something we already knew, but I admit I often fail to remember in action: The relationship between a husband and wife is more important to the family than the relationship between either parent and the kids.

The only pic we took of us over the weekend. Hubby is going through this phase of keeping just a mustache for the sole reason of annoying me I swear. Or he thinks its cool but its not. For the record, I hate it. Love him, hate the 'stache.
Priorities should be #1 God, #2 Spouse, #3 Kids. For moms especially, kids can so easily become our idols. Kids require so much of our time and attention but we often give them more than they actually need, at the expense of time and attention to our spouse. But what good is all the doting on, spending $ on, and spoiling of kids if it ends up in a split home because the parents drift apart? Having a mom and dad that the kids see loving each other and setting an example of what they should seek in a future relationship is most important. I'm preaching to myself here too but stepping off my soapbox now. :) I'm just grateful for the way God sent a messenger to remind me of these things.

So while having time alone with my hubby was the best part of our escape, there were other things that I treasured as well:

Enjoying God's peace

Rest and relaxation:
A porch like this just screams SIT DOWN!!! Okay, you don't have to tell me twice!

Chilaxin on the porch swing waiting for the clouds to pass. I LOVE porch swings. I so want to hang a swing on our porch at home but I wonder if our porch roof can really support one.
Sleeping with the cool sea breeze blowing on me:
Our room was a turret room at the end of a hall with a 270-degree view of ocean and islands through three windows around the bed. This provided an equally lovely breeze. Above is my view out one of the windows as I'm sitting in bed. Yeah, I could get used to that.
No alarm + No schedule + No kids = True Vacation!

Enjoying and admiring God's beautiful creation

Walking along beaches amazed by the powerful surf:

Less than 5 minutes down the street from the Inn was Reid State Park. We checked out a couple of the beaches and walks. A few clouds and raindrops were not keeping us off the beach.

I could have just stood there staring at the surf all day I think. Maybe I'm just going through beach withdrawls. I only made it to the ocean one other time this summer and the waves were lame and chock full of seaweed.

Stopped in York, ME on the way home and enjoyed some more crashing waves, clear skies and bright sunshine (and ice cream) at Nubble Light House.

Sitting on the Inn porch at night sipping hot coffee while being mesmerised by the moon dancing on the water:

Moonlight sparkling on the water is as hypnotic as flames dancing in a fire You know how you can't stop staring into a fire?
 Waking up to the sunrise outside my window (then going back to sleep!!):

After an overcast beginning of the trip, it was a treat to wake up to this view our last day. And what is it about those "going back to sleep" early morning naps that are THE BEST most relaxing sleep EVER? Maybe because they are such a luxury...at least in my world.
Oh wait, you mean this isn't a natural formation? :) Someone who visited the beach prior to us got very creative with driftwood. Maybe they are trying out for Survivor?
Thank you God for the treasures of vacation!

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