Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ten Cent Estate Sale Treasures

No sooner had we pulled out of our driveway a few weekends ago, on our way to a local town-wide yard sale (view that loot here), than we passed an estate sale a few doors down from our house. I was familiar with the little brown ranch and the elderly woman that lived there. But I didn't want to turn around and be late for the town-wide sale we were on the way to. I figured maybe we'd stop on the way back or something. It turns out I didn't finally stop until the next afternoon. As I mentioned in my how-to yard sale post, sometimes dropping by at the tail end of an estate sale can be very beneficial.

Well, there were no great big scores to be had. But they had a ton of junk marked down to a dime. And one woman's junk is another woman's treasure. Here are the few things that I scooped up for pocket change. Literally.

First, three more rolls of wallpaper for my collection. I LOVE the middle one especially. So these will wrap presents, line drawers, matte frames...who knows. 10-cent rolls, that's what I'm talking about. ;)

And that peach ribbon was one of many in a whole 10-cent stash. But my daughter had another use in mind for it. One she was more than willing to model for the camera.

Here's the rest of the ribbon. There's satin, crushed velvet, gross-grain, burlap and cording. So what you do is use the yard sale ribbon to tie around and make bows on the gifts you wrap with yard sale wrapping paper.

Hmm, colors seem a little messed up in these pictures. Green is looking teal. Whatever...

This next item definitely fits into the tacky category right now, but my plan is to remove the quilted greenery and just keep the crushed bright red velvet swag of pillow letters for Christmas decorating. You gotta trust me...

I like to stick with natural green and bright traditional red for Christmas decorating, and as always, with a little vintage flair. So this is perfect. Again, ten cents. 

So nothing major, just a few things for when I have time to get crafty.

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