Friday, June 1, 2012

{Curb Alert!} A Ladder

I mentioned earlier in the week that we are starting to check off honey-do projects to get our house in order to sell. The list really isn't that long, considering. It was in great shape when we moved in and I like to think we've improved it during our stay.

So over the holiday weekend, hubby did some cleaning of the exterior of the house. To reach up as high as he could, he took our six-foot wooden step ladder that had been resting up against the side of the shed since last fall (instead of inside the shed where it should have been).

Needless to say, hubby suffered a fall as the apparently rotting ladder fell from under him. A bruised shin was the worst of his injuries (that's not to say it didn't REALLY hurt). My first thought when he showed the broken ladder to me was, "how can I salvage what's left of this?" I went back to my gardening and, unbeknownst to me, hubby went off to break up the rest of the ladder by hand and dump it in the wood pile. I think he enjoyed taking out his anger on the ladder. Oh well, so much for salvaging it. His dad delivered a metal ladder later that day so he could continue working on the job.

Fast forward a couple days. I was out doing my weekly grocery run and I made a slight detour to a friend's house to drop some stuff off. On my way back out of her neighborhood my eagle eyes spied curbside treasure. What is this??? A six foot wooden stepladder?? What timing! I texted a picture to hubby right away.

So that's our free, trusty (hopefully) "new" ladder. Which I just happened to stumble across within days after ours died. This one will promptly go back into the shed. Just as soon as I get the shed cleaned out.

(Note to self...put cleaning out the shed on the official list.)

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