Monday, November 11, 2013

My Card Catalog - Check Out My Books!

Last year in spring, I picked up this little wooden crayon box at a yard sale.

I used to keep our salt, pepper, vitamins, and honey in it on the table.

Then we moved in with my in-laws and there were too many people at the table to fit a clutter box too. Now that they are out and we are settling in, the light bulb went off one day while organizing stuff. My card catalog, that was previously tucked away in a boring container, would fit perfectly in that little box!

We've got thousands of books in this house. Lots of theology and novels.

A beautiful selection of the classics.

Business, leadership and sales books up the ying-yang (but all boxed up somewhere).

Parenting books coming out our ears.

Enough children's books to make your eyes bleed.

Not to mention curriculum.

Ours is a Memorial Library named in honor of my husband's late cat, Desmond. But at the moment the books are scattered in random shelves or boxes in just about every room. Our plan is to turn our master suite into a bedroom/library/office.  We've got cathedral ceilings. And a legit library does need a ladder.

Some inspiration from the world wide web:

My hubby has an Excel sheet catalog he's been tallying for years. It lists all his books, by author and subject, with fields marking whether he's read them or not, and a column for borrower's name. But I wanted something a little more old school for my catalog. So last year I asked my Santa brother for library cards and envelopes that I'd found online so I could start to catalog the books and CDs  (mostly amazing speakers from our local annual homeschool conference) that I would be most likely to lend. I must have been a good girl because I got my wish! Now I know exactly who still has what so I can hunt them down. :)

I put our return address stamp on the envelope and glue it in the back of the book.

On the checkout card, I don't mark a due date, because my patrons can take their time. I just mark the date it was borrowed. I don't have too many items out on loan at the moment, but I do have names like Becky, Kristine, Scott, Dilaine and Jen on my outstanding cards. How's the reading and listening going, friends?

So if you need a good book, I welcome you to borrow from the Desmond [insert our last name] Memorial Library. Might I recommend a few of these titles to my lady friends?

We've got something for everyone. I just can't guarantee we know where to find what you want just yet.

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