Saturday, November 23, 2013

A Fall Mantle

I'll complain about the T.V. above the mantle that limits my mantle-decorating inspirations. But I'm thankful to have a mantle.

And I'll complain about having to feed the pellet stove in our fireplace throughout the day. But I'm thankful for the efficient heat and ambiance it provides.

My mantle is in a LONG, LONG list of "to paint" projects. So for now, bear with the honey oak stain with me, okay? This is about what's on the mantle.

Stacks of vintage books at each end. All yard sale finds collected over years. Only ones that are pretty and have interesting titles. And never more than $1 each.

The little turquoise pots on top I found at a yard sale several years ago as part of this $5 stash below. Yes, $5 for all of them together! They're right up there near the top of my favorite scores of all times.

The little nest with the bird in it is all fake - a cheapo from a gift shop that no longer exists. But this little nest is real. The girls and I found it on a walk one day. I filled it with fake robin eggs. It's screams spring, not fall. Whatever.

The scrabble letters and trays are from one of the many games I've scooped up at yard sales for no more than $1 each.  This is what they read in October (because, I started this post a month ago).

Now this in November.

And did I say this post is only about what's on the mantle? I changed my mind. Here's the whole fireplace - honey oak stain, 90s brick and all. Its screaming for a makeover. In my humble opinion.

Since before we even moved in, I've been debating painting the mantle and brick all white, like these:

(Sorry no link/credit - the Pin was linked to the wrong site so I don't know the true source.)

Would you paint the brick or not? At this point, with a fire roaring in the pellet stove all winter long, I'm going to have to wait until spring to paint it. Not like I don't have a million other things to paint in the meantime.

But anyways - there you go, my fall mantle, just in time to take it all down for Christmas decorating.

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