Sunday, June 23, 2013

Tuesday Yardsale

I almost forgot about one yard sale I discovered toward the bottom of my street on the Tuesday after Memorial Day. This Tuesday yard sale was a first for me. It was HUGE. Really more like an estate sale. Mostly junk, but a few treasures to be found.

Vintage jewelry is always fun to poke through. This pretty gold chain with the amber and white beads set me back $1:

They were selling 100s of practically-new Christian music CDs for $0.50 each. My mother-in-law had recently mentioned several times how she'll miss the Christian Sirius radio station when her free year is up soon. So I filled up a whole basket for her to load onto the hard drive in her car.  I bought so many they even gave me a quantity discount. This isn't even all of them:
P.S. I've never listened to Hillsong.
I also scored quite a stack of books. Several theology books for hubs (is that better, Jamie?) and some chapter books for the kids. I never did take a pic of those, which have since scattered to their perspective temporary homes.
Little House on the Prairie was one book score in particular that I'm quite psyched about but my oldest daughter doesn't share my sentiments. Apparently I made her watch a few minutes of the show once, and it bored her to tears. Now I've ruined it for her. I brought the book on vacation with us in case we had time to read (which we didn't) but she found it and hid it in the back of one of the night stand drawers. I discovered it on my last sweep through the condo before we left for the airport. Little stinker!!! Well, its MY turn to pick the next book we read together and guess what I'M picking! Anyone else a sucker for Little House on the Prairie?  

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