Monday, June 3, 2013

To Treasure Hunt or to Create?

That is the question.
Tired of just seeing my treasures and not what I do with them?
Me too.
Two reasons:
1. I'm forever torn between more treasure hunting and creating/projects. Usually the urge to treasure hunt takes over. I should settle down.  I've got more things to paint than I can even count, sewing projects I haven't even bought fabric for, a growing collection of buttons yearning to be made into bracelets...  Just to name a few.
2. I'm learning a lesson in patience this year. But the end is almost in sight! Things are progressing.  We finally closed on the house we bought from my in-laws - the one we've been living in with them since October. And we're seeing daily progress on their new house across the driveway. Exciting times. Anticipation!
Anyone else always torn between treasure hunting and creating? Which do you usually prefer?

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