Monday, March 19, 2012

"Estate Sale" Jewels

Most weeks I glance at estate sale listings in my general area but I haven't actually trekked out to one all winter. Usually they are either on the farthest end of how far I'm willing to drive or nothing in the listing sounds interesting or else I just don't feel like dragging the kids out. Saturday morning I saw a listing for a sale that included some interesting items, bookshelves and other shelving. It was just a couple of towns over and I thought I might find a better storage solution than what I currently have going on at the end of my kids' bunkbed.  Since I had no other plans, I decided to pack up the kids and head out. (Gotta start warming up for yard sale season, ya know.)

I popped the address in my GPS and off we went. As soon as we pulled into the street, it looked familiar. Sure enough - we pull up to the house, which I also recognized. We'd been to their yard sale last year. Twice. The nerve of them to list their stale yard sale leftovers as an estate sale! I was not happy. But we took a look anyways.

I think they did have some new things out. I oogled over a beautiful antique cedar chest, similar to one I already have. This one still had the original ad on the inside boasting "free moth insurance" for life. :)  If I had a place to put it now I would have considered paying the $100 for it so I could eventually have a hope chest to pass along to each of my girls.

I didn't see the supposed shelving the estate sale ad mentioned so I asked about it and the lady was like "oh yeah...where are those shelves..." She proceeded to dig through her garage the entire time I was purusing through the rest of her cast-offs. She never could find the shelves. And all I took interest in was a Bombay Company wood jewelry box and a funky old bracelet. First I asked how much for the jewelry box. "$3." Deal. Then I asked how much for the bracelet. "Comes with the jewelry box!" Sweet.

Here is the jewelry box, which I gave to the girls for their ever-growing stash of trinkets and bobbles:

And here are my new baubles:

Mother-of-pearl-esque shells and gold "coins" on gold chain-link. Very vintage. Love it.

So it wasn't a complete waste of a trip.

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