Friday, March 30, 2012

A Couple Mid-Week Finds

Tuesday I popped into The Salvation Army for a few minutes before grocery shopping. I'm still on the lookout for a shelving unit to better organize toys, games, and craft supplies in my girls' room. Came up empty there but figured I'd run up and down the knick knack ailes while I was there. I found a couple little treasures on the cheap.

First, a small ironstone pitcher. It was marked 99 cents but was the 1/2-off color of the day. So for 50 cents:

It compliments this other one I found at a thrift shop last year:

It'll join the other one on display in my dining room. Or may be used as a vase from time to time.  I also found this cool walking stick with a bird on top that is hand-carved.

For now it sits in the umbrella basket on my front porch to the right of our door that deperately needs refinishing.

My oldest daughter loves to find walking sticks anytime we got for walks/hikes in the woods. So she was super-psyched to see that I came home with this. I'm not yet sure if I'm going to ban it for decorative purposes only or actually let her use it.

Fast forward to this afternoon. The three girls and I were all walking out of the doctor's office (okay so the youngest wasn't walking, she was being carried) and in walks an old man using a walking stick. A hand carved walking stick with an eagle head for a handle. My daughter's face lit up. "Hey!! We have one of those!!!"

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