Wednesday, January 18, 2012

One Year Later

I'm just a few days short of my blog's first year anniversary and I haven't posted anything in almost a month. I have had very limited computer access since Christmas day because we left for vacation that night and just returned.  I have a few new blog posts that have been swirling around inside my head, this being one of them; the rest to be written and published after I decompress and recover from amost a month away from home. Mix Christmas morning mess (presents, bags, stockings, dress clothes & toys everywhere) with just-got-back-from-3 1/2-weeks-of-vacation mess (luggage and laundry piles everywhere) plus I still have the Christmas tree and decorations to take down and put away. And the dust bunnies.... and no groceries.... okay, I'm hyperventilating just writing it!

Anyhoo, back to my blog's first year anniversary.... Before I share anything new for 2012, I wanted to remind my myself and my readers of my motivation for starting my blog in the first place. Because its very easy to lose focus. Whether you've been following me for a while or just started, I encourage you to go back and read my very first blog post here. It still holds true today.

And happy belated New Year everyone!

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