Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Three Little Treasures

This is just me sharing some photos that didn't make the Christmas card this year, that's all. I'm still on brand though because my kids are my three little priceless treasures. I didn't have to hunt for them. They are gifts from God. Their lives are unwrapping before me every day.

Photo credits to Kelley Trottier.

Sweet and fiesty

Best friends and worst enemies

Strong willed mama's girl

Miss Independent

Worth waking up at 3am for

Bright Eyes

Crocheting credit to Chris Dion


Big Sissy

Knitting credit to Sue Desruisseaux

I've got my hands full

Snuggle Buggler

Little Angel

My three little ladies are precious in God's sight, and in mine. I tell them that every day. I love them always and anyways.  My prayer is that they grow old together. And every day I pray that God gives me the love and wisdom to be the best mom I can be.

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