Sunday, February 24, 2013

My Time, His Time

Hello, my name is Hailey, and I can't get out of bed in the morning. No, I really hate getting out of bed.  Ever read this book by Dr. Seuss? Its a favorite around here.

Dr Seuss Beginner Books: I'm Not Going To Get Up Today! by Dr Seuss

"The alarm can ring. The birds can peep.
My bed is warm. My pillow is deep.
Today's the day I'm going to sleep."
 - Dr. Seuss

That's how I feel most days. Once I'm up I'm fine. Even if its at 5am. Once I'm up, I'm fine. I LOVE my first cup of coffee, but its half decaf and I can survive just fine without it. Really.  It's just the whole getting out of bed thing I have a major problem with.

And it becomes an even bigger problem when I feel majorly convicted to get up and spend my personal quiet time with God - praying, reading the Bible, and just being still and listening - before the kids wake up.

A few weeks ago I got together with some of my dear girlfriends for the purpose of sharing our current joys and struggles, holding each other accountable, and praying together. I am SOOO BLESSED beyond belief to have chicas like them in my life. I need my regular turn in the spotlight to admit my failures to those I can trust, knowing they will pray for and encourage me. I had to admit to them that since we moved (in October) I hadn't even unpacked my alarm clock. SHAME ON ME! I've become such a lazy bum. I really want to be a Proverbs 31 woman. Verse 15 says she rises also while it is still night. Ouch.

At this get together, one of my besties gave me a old light blue glass bottle she had found in the woods near her house. She knew I'd appreciate it. It was inscribed with the former contents - Arabian Balsam - and the name of an apothecary in Providence, RI - E. Morgan & Sons. We all discussed what I might do with it after I looked up more info about it on the internet. Another friend, that I'm just getting to know more and am quickly discovering is a kindred spirit of the treasure hunting type, had a great suggestion.  I should write my commitment to God, roll it up, and stuff it into the bottle. Then I should set the bottle out somewhere I will see it often to remind me of my commitment to get up early for time with God every day.

As soon as I got home that night I dug out my alarm clock and set it for just before 6:00am. That was my goal - to be out of bed by 6:00 every morning. The great thing about home schooling is that I don't have a bus or official school clock to make me get up at a certain time. The bad thing about home schooling is that I don't have a bus or official school clock to make me get up at a certain time.

The next few mornings I was up and at it early. Lovely. Well, that didn't last long before I resorted back to the old habit of hitting snooze in my sleep. Several times.  It's not my fault - I do it in my sleep! So I haven't gotten up that early many days since. SHAME ON ME! I guess I need to move the alarm clock to the other side of the room? Oh....yeah...last resort....PRAY and ask God to help me get up?? Duh!

Well, I was picking up the house the other night and still had the watch face I picked up at a Florida thrift shop laying on the counter.

Where was I going to put this? What was I going to do with it? Then I got the "Aha!"

I have a picture of me and some of the girl friends mentioned above that's been resting on the window sill above my kitchen sink. I see their faces throughout the day and I'm reminded to thank God for them, pray for them, and remember the things they are holding me accountable to. I set the little blue bottle beside it and perched up the watch face between them. 

Oops, I intended to set the clock hands at ten of six, to symbolize when my alarm is set, but I accidentally set them to ten of seven.
I know this little display isn't going to magically get me out of bed early every morning. But I think that visual reminders of what God is telling me to do or what he has done is a good thing. I'm currently in a Bible study going through the first book of the Bible, Genesis, and its had me thinking about the ways that God and those who put their faith in him would establish visual reminders of commitments.

Because I've put this "out there" I invite anyone to ask me how I'm doing - the more accountability the better. Got any helpful tips? I'd welcome those too. Or better yet, pray for me!

Do you have any commitments that you're struggling following through on?

Have you established any visual reminders of commitments you've made to God or others? I'd love to hear about them!

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