Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Thrift Shop Shelves & Lamps

I'm still catching up here, as usual lately. So at this point it was a few weeks ago that I dropped off 2/3 of my kids with Gram to run errands and do grocery shopping. But before leaving town I had to zip into the Salvation Army Thrift Store, of course. I've become more hard core about my hunt for a cheap but sturdy solid wood bookshelf to improve the storage situation in my girls' bedroom. I haven't been able to yard sale as much the last month because of other plans so I gotta make up for it somewhere!

To my excitement, they had exactly what I was looking for for $20. Just the right size. Solid wood, decent shape. Granted, I might have been able to find something similar at a yard sale for half the price but there's no guarantee. So I did it. I swiped that price tag right off and brought it to the register to stake my claim. And, since I was already in the store, of course I had to take a quick gander through the "Brick-A-Brac" aisles. Don't laugh, that's what they call it on their sign.

Well, timing is everything because as I was carrying the shelving unit through the store towards the door, a fellow shopper said to me, "Oh! So that's why there wasn't a price tag on it!" If I hadn't snagged it, I got the feeling she would have. You see, this treasure hunting is serious business. It's not just a leisurely game, its actually a race. Which is why I get a flood of adrenaline when I find something really amazing because it not only means that I got it, but I got it before someone else did. (So maybe I have a little something to do with my oldest daughter's competitive nature.)

As I was on may way out of the furniture department, something else caught my eye - a pair of very unique vintage lamps. I knew I was going to have to come back in to take a better look at those. So, I loaded the shelves into my van myself without a problem. And sure enough, I headed back in to look at those lamps. I couldn't help but be drawn to them for their unusual shades. I hemmed and hawed for a little while. They would need a little TLC. The bases would need to be painted but they had a great shape. I ended up deciding I couldn't pass up the pair and back to the register I went. 

So here are the shelves "before" painting (they are still in process). Clearly, this was before dusting too...

Nothing fancy, just simple and functional. I'll update once painted and integrated into the room.

Now here are the lamps "before" painting the bases (I think I'm going with dark brown so I can be flexible where they end up).

It's hard to explain what the shades are made of. I'm not sure but they are sort of pearlesque. I think they are pieces of plastic welded together? Welded like Tiffany lamps, which are not my thing.

I like the way the light shines through and the scalloped edge.

The shades totally remind me of silver dollar plants.  And these bring back happy memories of a friend's house growing up.

So try and picture this with solid dark brown base. Or do you have a better suggestion?

They are different, that's for sure. I think they are the sort of thing that you either think the are really interesting and have beauty potential, like I did. Or you think they are UG-LY. Come on now, be honest, which side are you on?? :)

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Anonymous said...

I love these! In fact, I have these same lamps with the same shades. I found them at an auction & just "had" to have them. I thought they resembled fish scales, but you are right about how the shades resemble the plant too.

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