Monday, May 23, 2011

Saturday's loot

By close to 8:00 this past Saturday morning, all four of us, loaded up with breakfast, drinks, snacks, cash and the GPS, were off to hunt for treasure. Hubby was looking for books, kids were looking for toys, and I was looking for educational toys, baby stuff, a cordless drill, plants/gardening supplies, and anything else that might catch my fancy. Oh yeah, and a 13x9 in Pyrex baking dish, per the request of a friend. :) (Got something you want me to look out for? Let me know! Between my mom and I we have a pretty good success rate...if you can be patient.)

We were back home before 11:30 with this loot in tow:

So I didn't get a new cordless drill for Mother's Day but I knew if I was patient I'd find one at a yard sale. I don't need anything professional, just something to hang up stuff like blinds, curtain rods, and heavy wall decor. Found one barely used (claimed the seller) for $20.

Katherine was in her glory when she found this "Toy Story" Jessie doll with a pull-string in the back. Twister to help teach left from right, Mancala to teach strategy, Alphabet Bingo to teach/enforce letters, jumbo playing cards, and swimming goggles.
Eeeks! We've seen our better days, but here we are, serious about playing War with the new jumbo cards (which I discovered are impossible to shuffle right).
She's happy to play Twister by herself but still asks which side is left and right after each spin. When do they figure that out???
I had gotten rid of ALL my baby toys so now I'm starting to pick up stuff like this in like-new condition that doesn't appear slobbered on. My 2 year old is admiring herself in this mirror toy.
One guy was selling lots of veggies and perennials from his garden. The only flowering perennial he had was Lupines so I scooped up a few baby ones for $1. We've got a few out front already but these will go out back. They should grow to full size and flower next year.
As I mentioned in my last post, I recently noticed that almost all my vases are green - my favorite dark grassy green. The other day I'd clipped some Azaleas and was looking for a bud vase for the bathroom but everything that fit was dark green and didn't match and my clear glass ones (that weren't already in use elsewhere) didn't fit. One yard sale was selling a ton of vintage bottles so I picked up this old root beer syrup bottle for $3. It fits perfectly and matches the collection I already have on the shelf above it, shown here.
Brand new silicone kitchen utensils. These, together with all the baby & kids toys and games, totalled $10.

Last but not least, this vintage tray tied with the drill for my favorite score of the day. I'm not superstitious but am desperately hoping it is a sign from God because it would be perfect displayed on a shelf in a vintage boy nursery. I was determined not to buy anything related to my boy nursery inspiration until I find out what we're having, but for $1, it was a risk I was willing to take.
After getting home and thinking about what I spent on all the goods, it hit me that I never once haggled price. That's not like me! I almost always haggle down prices. I'm sure I could have paid only $15 for the drill if I'd just asked. I probably could have gotten the $3 Twister game down to $2. After a week off last weekend and a fairly unsuccessful hunt the week prior, I guess I was just so excited to find good stuff that I forgot to ask if they'd take less. Next week I'll be back on my game!

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